For students

👨‍💻Are you looking to get employed?👩‍💻

Look no further. The guild is here for you - from freshmen to alumni.

Whether you are a freshman at the beginning of your studies, a (soon to be™) masters student, or a well seasoned alumni, Tietokilta tries its best to assist you in finding the best opportunities among the IT field.

The guild has a few main ways to help connecting you to companies with job opportunities - see below!

Recruiting platform

The best place to start -🎯

The recruitment platform is a direct way for companies to advertise their open positions to Tietokilta students. It is the fastest way for you to see active job positions that have been targeted specifically to our guild students.

Additionally, the guild actively tries to advice companies and shape the job advertisements posted through this system to guarantee our you as seamless and pleasant recruitment processes as possible.

Consider subscribing to our Telegram channel or email list to stay aware of new job opportunities!


UraTiKAS is a recruitment event designed specifically for advertising summer jobs in the software industry. The event is organized in cooperation with the Guild of Automation and Systems Technology. The event takes place usually somewhere between January and February at Otaniemi.

The format of UraTiKAS is a one-day event, where companies get to introduce themselves explain what kind of employees they are looking for. After the presentations, you can ask questions in a structured questions and answers section. Finally, you are free to move around the stand-area and talk to the company representatives in a more informal way.

UraTiKAS is a great way for you to meet and discuss with many different companies working in the software industry. Compared to AaltoTalent, the atteinding companies are significantly more focused on recruiting CS students.

Recruitment booklet

The Rekrylehti (“recruitment leaflet”) is a way for companies to get longer-term visibility among Tietokilta students. It is a good starting point if you want to discover and familiarize yourself with different companies working in software industry.

The leaflet rarely has active positions listed, as it is updated only once a year. Instead, it helps you to get a more broad idea of e.g. what kind of working culture a specific company has, as well as do a deeper dive on firms you only have heard of or seen a logo in Tietokilta events.