Join Wolt to build the delivery of everything 🚀

If you hear someone mention Wolt, you probably think of that blue app for food and grocery delivery. But the thing is, Wolt isn’t just a delivery app for restaurant food, groceries, and other items. Our vision is to build a digital version of a mall in your pocket. The whole city at your fingertips. Delivered in about half an hour.

In practice this means building a commerce platform — a broad range of apps and technologies that work seamlessly together to provide a world-class experience for our customers and partners, as well as our internal teams. Of course, this means some juicy problems we need to tackle, so behind the scenes we have a team of over 8,000 people who work hard to make Wolt, well, Wolt for our customers and partners across 25 countries. 🌍

Kick off your career at Wolt!

For the past few years we’ve been offering summer internships in Engineering and Analytics. The length of the internship is 4-6 months — you get to decide the duration. The start date is flexible, which is a pretty sweet deal especially for those who would like to focus on graduating first, but ideally we’d like you to join us during March-June time.

For engineering internships, we normally have a few different paths available:

  • Frontend: TypeScript, React
  • Backend: Python, Scala, Kotlin (we accept assignments in Java as well!)
  • Mobile: Swift, Kotlin Mobile

All our internships are paid, now and in the future, and for example in the year 2022 the salary was 3000€/month. In the case of a successful internship we encourage our interns to stay at Wolt since we’d love to continue growing together with you. 💙

Keep your eyes peeled, we kick off hiring for our programs early in the spring — follow us on LinkedIn to stay in touch and apply on our careers page.

Work with some of the latest and greatest tech 💥

We work with a wide variety of technologies and we're constantly trying out something new. In fact, our teams choose the tech they use! We also provide a good baseline for scalability and robustness.

At the moment the most common technologies across Wolt are: Python, Kotlin, Scala, React, TypeScript, and Swift, though we have a bit of Rust, Golang, Flutter, Node.js and C++ hidden in our services ✨. We run everything on AWS, with Kubernetes and a long list of infrastructure automation and various databases (like Mongo and Postgres) to boot.

Our product teams are built on ownership and trust 💙

Wolt’s 60+ product teams include 600+ talented engineers, designers, data scientists, product analysts, product leads, and more. We work in cross-functional, autonomous teams that are like mini startups within Wolt. Teams decide what they build and how they do it since, well, they know the stuff they’re working on best. Our engineers also own the full life-cycle of the products they build — from release to maintenance. And since our model is based on autonomy, ownership, and accountability from every engineer in our team, having those mini startups has been working beautifully for us.

As we’re running a real-time platform with real world implications that require constant monitoring, we must move smart and move fast. We deploy 50-100 times a day, which leads us to developing small, incremental changes at a time and ship value to our customers fast. Our engineers always decide when they deploy, so there aren’t hoops of approvals to jump through.

If this sparks your interest, take a look at our blog where you can find more info on the different teams and their work:👈👈

Join us in our Helsinki tech hub, fully remotely or hybrid. Your choice. 🙌

Our hybrid working setup allows our people in Product Development to work from anywhere in Finland, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, and Denmark, and we’re actively hiring talented people from wherever we find them.

We have tech hubs in Helsinki, Berlin and Stockholm for closer collaboration, and outside them support a flexible remote working model for working from home. We have engineers and other product development people working from all over in Finland, so many cities have their own Wolt communities that have regular hangouts.

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You can find more information and interesting stories in our blog. Especially, make sure to not sleep on these posts: